Sterile low volume parenteral dosage preparation tank system

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Sterile low volume parenteral dosage preparation tank system is used in line with vials filling machine, ampoule filling machine, Ophthalmic filling machine, PFS filling machine  & BFS filling machine, etc.

Product Description:


The system consist of: Jacketed & insulated pre mixing tank, compounding tank with magnetic stirrer, holding tank with magnetic stirrer, online filtration, sanitary piping & fittings, fully automatic PLC & HMI operation, SCADA with 21 CFR compliance, online CIP/SIP system, etc.

Key features


Ø  Designed as per US FDA / cGMP / ASME/ PED/ compliance with ASME – BPE norms

Ø  21 CFR part 11 compliant, fully automated PLC controlled touch screen HMI

Ø  Bottom mounted magnetic mixers with options for low / medium / high shear applications

Ø  Flush bottom outlet valve with sampling / sterilization configurations

Ø  Sterile flange connections of top dish / side ports to enhance CIP / SIP operations

Ø  pH, temperature, conductivity, DO sensing through sanitary port on vessel shell

Ø  Load cell for weight measurement / Level sensors for level measurements

Ø  Block valves for dead leg compliance and compactness

Ø  Components and instruments from reputed international vendors

Ø  Interconnected product piping through sampling systems and pumps with filtration skids

Ø  Capacity: 5 – 3,000 Litres.

Instrumentation & its significance:

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