Liquid syrup preparation tank system

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Product Description:


This system consist of: Jacketed & Insulated pre sugar syrup melting tank, pre mixing tank and
manufacturing tank, storage tank, online filtration skid, recirculation pump, transfer pump, working
platform, online CIP system, etc.

Key features


Design of process vessel comply with various international & domestic standards such as ASME,
GB150, etc.
Mettler-Toledo load cells for automatic weighing;
Transfer systems for sugar through vacuum system
Sugar preparation system with jacketed, insulated and cladded vessel with bottom entry propeller
mixer for vigorous mixing
In-line high shear mixer for suspensions
Process vessels rated for vacuum
EHEDG / 3A approved twin lobe pumps
Electrically heat traced, insulated transfer lines of liquid glucose
Back-washable stainless steel sintered filter for filtration
Sanitary piping systems with butterfly valves
Stainless steel operating platform with staircase and railing
21 CFR Part 11 compliant PLC / SCADA based automation system
Automated CIP system
Capacity: 50 – 30,000 Litres.

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