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Machine Description:


  • This production Line is mainly used Ampoules, Vials, syringes, etc. blister packing and cartoning.
  • The components of the entire line of advanced human-machine interface, independent of PLC control and alarm system to ensure normal operation and operation simple.
  • Servo mechanical feeding device to ensure the accuracy of feed.
  • Aspects of the operation of advanced detection methods, safe and reliable online detection system, so that products quality is 100% guaranteed.

Salient Features:


  • Linkage with labelling machine: The ampoule/vial or syringes from the labelling machine can be directly linked with blister feeding system by customised conveying & transfer system.
  • Buffer conveyor: After labelling sufficient buffer conveyor/turntable is given to match feeding speed of blister packaging machine feeding system.
  • Screw feeding: For intricate shape such as syringes, screw conveyor is designed to hold syringes in position of the suction head, it hold till it is picked by sucker of pickup arm.
  • Suction in place: Suction caps of robotic arms are designed in such a way that is picked any kind of product safely without damaging it.
  • Pick & place arm: Pick & place arm is synchronised with blistering machine speed and pick & place product safely in the film cavity.

Technical Parameters

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