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Machine Description:


The speed of Automatic Box Making Machine is up to 180 cartons/min. It is widely used in pharmaceutical companies which need larger production capacity. The machine adopt with two automatic blister feeding device, the second one is the supplement for first one. The leaflet folding device is optional, the design is similar with GUK device which can fold the leaflet stably or we can adopt the GUK leaflet folding device. The machine has the function of printing the batch number, and the inkjet printer is optional. The Cartoner machine sealing the carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.

The Automatic Box Making Machine includes the parts as: automatic blister feeding device, product inspection, unqualified product rejection, box sucking and shaping, product pushing by the pushing rod, leaflet folding system, box closing or hot glue sealing, batch No printing, unqualified final product rejection system.

Salient Features:


  • The machine adopts servo motors, and the machine is the continuous type.
  • The carton hopper can put thousands of cartons.
  • When the carton lacks of leaflet or blister, the machine will reject the carton automatically. If no blister, the machine will not feed the carton or leaflet.
  • The machine adopt with the touch screen in Siemens brand; the language can be English, Russia or Spanish;
  • If the blister come into the carton in incorrect position, the machine will be stopped automatically without pressing the emergency button;
  • The machine will be adopt with joystick for remote control of the machine, in this way, it will more convenient for the worker when change the carton size;
  • Automatically display trouble, Alarm and count finished products.
  • Low Maintenance – easy access to all components provides for easy maintenance
  • Optional: Inkjet printer, hot melt glue machine, bar code reader

Technical Parameters

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