Wrap around labelling machine

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The Automatic Labeller with accumulation tray is very easy for operate. Touch screen control technology labeller length, batch number stamping and conveyor speed can be set and adjusted. Automatic sensor, troubleshooting and data display works more efficient and stable. Custom built labellers available for square bottles, both side labelling and top labelling, can also work along with hot stamp printer.



  • Suitable for all the size of round bottle surface labelling
  • It adopts infinitely variable speed control, not necessary to move sensor eye conveyer and labeller.
  • This machine integrates electrical and mechanical device, with simple and reasonable structure and several protective devices. It is easy to maintain.
  • It is equipped with HMI and PLC control system of convenient operation, easy maintenance and steady performance, providing easy access to all settings within the range of parameters.
  • It has automatic control and detection system to stop in case of missing bottles, labels and bottle jams, reserved bottles and running out of ribbon.
  • It adopts opto-electrical system to paste labels, with steady performance. The label position can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • The machine has heat code printer for distinct printing of 360 angles.

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