Linear Capping machine

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Automatic In-Line Capper is applicable for round, rectangular and most irregular bottle, and it can be adjusted to different caps diameters and height without changeover of additional parts. An optional large capacity floor level cap hopper to stock caps for long runs without continual refilling can be added. The cap chute is adjustable for different size of caps. Unique design requires on changeover parts and no tools required while changing caps sizes. Four Hand wheels with digital indicators given for quick and easy adjustments. A cap chute sensor is provided to detect caps in caps chute in correct direction by gravity. The cap elevator will stop automatically when the cap chute is full. A safety guard surrounds cap lightening station for operator’s safety. A fail safe dual inspection system removes incorrectly oriented caps from loading chute.



  • Sensor detection and rejection system.
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Snap-on Capping System can be integrated into this unit for dual applications.
  • Adopts high elastic wear-resisting rubber wheel, screw cap wheel, and clamp bottle conveyor that has variable speed regulation.
  • As adopts gear case transmission.
  • Cap unscrewing and clamp adjusting have digital display device makes them easy to operate.

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