Induction sealing machine

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The electro-magnetic induction aluminium foil sealing machine utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to obtain hermetic sealing by making the surface of aluminium foil instantaneously heat to adhere tightly on mouth of bottle. The machine is suitable for sealing all type of products in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, petroleum, cosmetics, chemical and other applications to obtain the highest sealing quality to increase the shelve life of the products and for child resistant safety purposes.



  • Most affordable automatic induction sealer in the industry.
  • Composite aluminium foil can be sealed easily.
  • Includes sanitary conveyor.
  • Available Foil Detecting & Rejecting System
  • Featuring of tunnel type inductor makes it seal fast and stable.
  • Sensor head is adjustable for suitable to different height of the container seal packing.
  • Sensor head use bold copper tube, built-in water circulation system, reduce the cost.
  • Sealing process is quick and efficient, bottle even with a small amount of water or residual liquid can be sealed effectively.
  • Fully modular intellectualized design are built to resist moisture, corrosion, dust and magnetic. Long life and low failure rate, and easy for repair
  • Alarm sounds automatically when they detect water shortage in tank, over high water temperature and breakdown.
  • Water cooling system to keep the constant temperature condition for long time working.
  • The host generator uses the latest importer transistor, CPU modular control.
  • The host and tank separate design, easy to maintain. With the same type of sensing head.

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