Desiccant insertion machine

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High-speed Dryer Inserting Machine is suitable for all type of bottles, bottle height, size and cap diameter can be adjusted—no change parts are needed! The coil is pulled apart into desired lengths through two pairs of pinch rollers, each piece is folded and inserted up into a tube, the tube then moves over the bottle and the cotton piece is inserted through the air cylinder. It can work independently or can be integrated with the packaging line. Automatic stops function for open-door, will guarantee safety of operator. Pre-programming system control helps easy operate showing all parameters on the interface panel.



  • Applicable to all size of desiccants.
  • Equipped with alarm system when no desiccant or desiccant jam.
  • Colour mark detection and photoelectric control makes easier to operate.
  • Equipped with protective device that stops automatically not proper positioned and will adjust position prior to filling for 100% accuracy.
  • Adopts automatic variety frequency controlled system to allow speed regulation, avoiding the problem of inflexibility.
  • Optional language interface and PLC control system provide easy access to all settings within the range of parameters.
  • The electrical counting machine stops when the desiccant inserting machine stops, and it resumes working when the desiccant insertion machine works.

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