Counting & Filling machine

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The machine with 8/12/16/24 channels, dual feeder andthree stage DC variable frequency vibration control system. No need change part for counting any size of the tablets or capsules.



  • Integral closed type structure design.
  • Variablefeeding speed regulation system
  • Work status detection and fault alarm function is available.
  • No blind infrared photoelectric detection screen
  • Photoelectric sensor has dust control and self-diagnosis function, to ensure accuracy of counting tablets.
  • Has function of eliminating lamination and debris,
  • Lack of bottle of photoelectric sensor automatically detection,
  • Three stage DC variable frequency vibration control system provides a stable and fast driving for counting tablets.
  • Dust removal system eliminates the influence to photoelectric sensor
  • Designed with pre-set counting, it can advance speed of counting.
  • Bottle feeding mouth can cover bottle neck automatically, avoiding short medicine grain of falling out of the bottle.
  • Auto elevating construction is convenient to adjust the height of hopper suitable with different bottle.
  • Main parts are tool-less to dismantle and clean, quick changeover.

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