Bootle unscrumbler

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Hi-speed bottle Unscrambler is designed with stainless steel housing and Glass enclosures for operator’s safety and protection from dust, accordance with national GMP and FDA standards, which reaches international advanced level. It has Automatic speed Synchronization Setup: put empty bottles in the large hopper and with proper speed settings for bottles orientating and the hopper elevator transport bottles onto disc sorter to automatically determine. Bottles are positioned by a rotary disc and air cylinder blow out automatically dump empty bottles by detection of sensor eyes and re-feed the bottles in proper positions. All speeds are automatically synchronized after Self-Programmed is accomplished. There is only a single plate change part for changing bottle size, which takes only minutes for changeoverSalient feature:



  • High-speed Unscrambling Machine is mechatronics equipment with convenient operation, easy maintenance and steady performance. The touch screen s equipped with HMI and PLC control system, providing easy access to all settings within the range of parameters.
  • This machine is equipped with quantity control system and overload protection device.
  • The structure of body design makes a simple, practical and reliance operation. The technology of infrared ray photoelectric detection is used to blow out defective bottles.
  • The machine is sealed with dustproof enclosure, works in reliable and stable states, and has low noise.
  • Additional air purge cleaning bottles function given optional
  • The material is all made of high-quality 304/316L stainless steel, easy to clean and sterilize. Meet GMP standards.
  • The machine includes negative ion dedusting device for cleaning bottles before desiccant inserting machine. The negative ion dedusting device is mounted on the conveyor facing the mouth of the bottles

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