Tablet Compressor



The tablet compression machine is a mechanical device, which by use of compression force converts powder granules into tablets of uniform size and weight, which is widely used in the different industries like Food, Pharma, Nutraceutical, Detergent, Cosmetic, etc.

Working Principle:


In Pharma Tablet compression machine, usually the granulated material is supplied to the cavity through force feeder rotated at variable speed. The Cavity is fixed in the turret accompanied by upper & lower punch which helps to form a tablet of desired shape & size, the compaction force can be adjusted manually/automatically based on model of the machine.

Salient Features:


  • Machine structural body is made up of C.I. with high vibration/shock absorption capacity
  • Turret is made up of Special Grade S.G. Iron casting with Aluminium Turret Guards
  • AC VFD with Electromagnetic Clutch driven main motor
  • Heavy Duty Oil Immersed Gear Box for Turret Drive.
  • Upper Punch Penetration
  • Electronic Digital Tablet cum RPM Counter
  • Inter lock switches to all doors & safety covers.
  • Double Sided lifting cams
  • Lower Machine structure is cladded Stainless Steel & Upper Machine structure Guarded with Acrylic doors.
  • Effective Dust Extraction Nozzles
  • Imported needle roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret.
  • Variable Speed drive, one shot Lubrication System, Anti Vibrating mounts
  • Reverse direction motion protection is provided to avoid accident.

Salient Feature of Fully Automatic Series Machines:


  • Single/Double Rotary Tablet Press, with Exchangeable Turret.
  • Directly Driven Turret having Middle plate of SS 316 & Electroless Nickel Platting on C.I. Parts
  • Motorized Main & Pre compression of 10 Tons. (100 KN)
  • Motorized dozer, for precise depth fill adjustment
  • Motorized Force Feeders with zero clearance. With three paddle design.
  • Vibration free running and easy to operate at 80 RPM
  • Load Cell at Main – Compression at both sides.
  • Industrial PC / HMI, having 12” Colour Touch Screen

AWC (Automatic Weight Controller) Features:


  • The range of AWC is divided in to Control, Reject & Data Storage.
  • Graphical appearance of the value of pre & main compression stations.
  • Display compaction force value and graph both for each individual punch.
  • Filling depth can be adjusted, if the amount of filled powder is exceed or shorten beyond/below the pre-set value.
  • The faulty tablet will be rejected automatically.
  • All the data like production count, tablet rejection, samples taken, batch time segment etc. will be recorded.
  • Discharge chute with three compartments like initial reject, auto reject & sampling gate.
  • The set parameters and the actual parameters can be visualized on the screen.

CFC (Compaction Force Control) Features:


  • Machine Auto Set‐ up for stored recipes (In respect to Tablet Parameters)
  • Initial Machine Start‐Up & Stop Tablet Rejection.
  • Main & Pre‐Compaction Force Data for Individual Punch
  • Auto Weight Checking and Control
  • Single Tablet Auto Rejection
  • Tablet Sampling Device
  • Powder Level Monitoring
  • Recipe Management

Machines Offering:

Regular Series: With Manual Weight Control & Optional Auto Force Rejection


  • R&D Model: Single Rotary Tablet Press Suitable For Single Layer Tablets
  • R&D model: single rotary tablet press with load cell and graphical force display
  • Pilot scale model: single rotary tablet press suitable for single layer tablets (with pre compression)
  • Pilot scale model: double rotary tablet press suitable for bi layer tablets
  • Production scale: high speed single/double rotary tablet compression machine (with pre compression)

Automatic Series: With CFC, AWC & Exchangeable Turret


  • R&D Model: Single Rotary Tablet Press (Suitable For Single & Bi-Layer/Combo Tooling Optional)
  • Pilot Scale Model: Double Rotary Tablet Press Machine
  • High Speed Single Rotary Machine (With Pre Compression)
  • High Speed Double Rotary Machine (With/Without Pre Compression)

Tablet Ancillary Machines:


  • Tablet De Dusting Machine
  • Metal Detector
  • Dust Collector
  • VTS: Vacuum Transfer System (For Automatic Powder Loading)
  • Punches & Dies (Tablet tooling)

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