Tablet coating machine



This machine is used in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Food, Biological products, etc. It can coat various tablets, pills, candies with organic film, water-soluble film and sugar syrup coating. The machine has the advantages of Aesthetic appearance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and small floor space requirement, etc. The machine has features like blockage of floating dust & Syrup splashes, less cross contamination, short coating time, high efficiency, etc.

Working Principle:


Tablets from compression machine are fed to the pan of coating machine where it is rotated at the slow speed, baffle plates are welded to the coating pan it helps to rotate the tablet for uniform coating. The coating media is sprayed continuously through the spray nozzle and with the help of peristaltic pump. Meanwhile, cleaned and sterile hot air from SS air handling unit is passed through the coater pan in order to dry the tablets. Exhaust blower or wet scrubber is given to take the hot air from the coater and exhaust it to surround which helps quick drying of the tablets. Tablet sampler is given to take out the tablet to check quality during the process. All the process parameters can be displayed & set in HMI.

Salient Features:


  • All the contact parts made up of SS 316L and con contact parts are of SS 304.
  • Explosion proof design is available (Optional)
  • It adopts the anti-blocking spray gun technology
  • The mixing tank adopts the step less speed change pneumatic motor and unique eddy current mixing paddle.
  • The Wet in place cleaning function is given
  • The machine is provided with the functions of online storage of process parameters, printing output, etc.
  • It fully meets FDA/cGMP requirements.

Technical Parameters:

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