Softgel Encapsulation Machine:

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Soft gelatin encapsulation line is suitable for filling a certain amounts of prepared medicine solutions into two lines gelatin sheet and form soft gelatin capsules or balls with various size, shape and colour after compression under the action of one pair of oppositely moving rollers.

The system consist of Softgel encapsulation machine, gelatin melting system, raw material compounding system, shaping and drying system, sorting system, cleaning system, recycling system etc.

During gelatin compression and forming, it can be finalized within the sealed cavity so as to avoid coming across medicine oxidation all the product contact parts are made up of S.S. 316L in full compliance with “GMP” standard requirements.

Working Principle:


  • Die Roll rotary speed: 0-8RPM (servo control)
  • Filling precision: ±1 or 2 %
  • Controlling way: PLC and HMI controlled
  • Insulated hopper, with stirrer and sensor for liquid level control, suitable for suspension fill and oil fill both.
  • Equipped with patented constant temperature injection wedge (electric heating type)
  • Equipped with patent distribution box, compared with the other manufacturer it can increase output 6%-15%, save gelatin liquid material 3%-10%.
  • Equipped with patent material dosing pump. It is designed to reduce friction which extend service life of the pump.
  • Servo operation for:

Ø  Automatic Gelatin ribbon thickness adjusting system;

Ø  Automatic Filling control and adjusting through touch screen;

Ø  Automatic Die Roll injection timing system


Salient features:


  • Full automatic with intelligent software makes the machine simple and easy to operate. Easy for any new operator to learn and operate.
  • With the state of the art servo motor control technology, cam and gear are replaced by servo-drive, making encapsulation machine rotary speed increase high to 8RPM, and largely reduce the noise and vibration.
  • The equipped systems largely improve the Softgel sealing quality, eliminates asymmetric halves joining phenomenon
  • Alignment-free design of left and right die roll on main shafts, easy to align through HMI in case if it is required.
  • Medicine material dosing pump adopts automatic synchronization running with die roll main shaft through servo motor, no need to change die roll gear like mechanical encapsulation machine while changing the die roll set.
  • Automatic Fill volume adjustment system: Medicine material injection time can be set online on touch screen, largely save the manpower and time. Medicine material injection volume adjusting can be done online via touch screen too.
  • Two sides of Softgel discharging area compulsively cold air design, making net gelatin not easy intertwine the Softgel down discharger.
  • Adopting pneumatic film clamping system to make encapsulation operation process simple and reliable.
  • Electric lifting provision of injection wedge, the injection wedge can be stop at any location if required, reduce the labour fatigue.
  • Whole equipment noise largely reduced since it adopts servo system synchronization design.
  • Pocketed valve is adopted for distribution box to allow automatic gelatin supply, gelatin mass liquid blocking phenomenon eliminate thoroughly. Distribution box controlled by gauge, easy to control the gelatin film thickness.
  • Patented water cooling circulation system adopted for the gelatin ribbon cooling, avoid the dew formation phenomenon on gelatin ribbon drum on high temperature and high humidity to affect the Softgel forming.



  • Tumble dryer is used to dry & polish the Softgel.
  • Construction: Aluminium alloy Frame, SS 316L perforated sheet basket, Teflon/Delrin basket support, Acrylic enclosure, SS 304 Structure cladding
  • The complete unit can be controlled automatically with the help of PLC & HMI
  • Bucket of the tumble dryer rotated with the help of geared motor, the speed of the motor can be controlled by VFD
  • Dehumidified filtered air blown from the bottom of the bucket to dry the Softgel uniformly
  • Each basket can be removed easily for the cleaning & washing purpose.

Drying Tray

Gelatin Preparation Tank

Medicine/Fill preparation tank

Holding Tank/Service Tank

Colour Mixing Tank

Colloidal Mill

Softgel Sorting Machine


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