Lifting & Milling Machine

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The function of this machine is particle sizing & transferring the powder directly from the Fluid bed dryer’s bowl to bin of bin blender. It is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Dairy, etc. industries.

Working Principle


The dried powder processed in FBD bowl is manually clamped with Lifting & Milling machine and then lifted to particular height after that it is tilted upside down through 180 degrees and connected with powder bin through flexible hose pipe. Milling machine is integral part of this machine through which powder is transferred and collected in bin, desired size particle will obtain at the output of this machine.

Salient feature

  • The machine has rigid solid structure made up of high grade Mild steel and cladded with SS 304 cladding
  • The granule sizing machine can be lowered to any work height together with the conical copper for the convenience of connection with the next procedure.
  • Procedure transferring is carried out under the closed status, avoiding dust and causing no pollution.
  • It reduces the labour cost and utilize effective product transferred with high yield.
  • The system adopts the hydraulic device, which is safe and reliable.
  • Different specifications of sieves can be replaced for the granule sizing machine.
  • It meets the requirements for cGMP compliance.

Technical Parameters

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