Bin Blender



It is used for homogenous mixing of dry powder and granules used in Food, Pharma, Dairy, etc. industries. It eliminate cross contamination, it has good mixing effect with dust free operation. It is easy to dissemble for cleaning and easy to transfer the product from one bin to another bin.

Working Principle


It has vertical column on which bin is attached and locked, after that it is lifted to certain height and rotated at 2-10 RPM for a prefixed time to get the homogeneous mixer. After blending process the bin is lowered to ground level and bin is detached. PLC & HMI control features are given optionally.

Salient feature

  • With small floor space and low dead weight, the machine is suitable to install on the floor.
  • The machine is provided with the in-place material distribution function after mixing, which provides convenience for the optimization of production processes.
  • It is provided with perfect safety protection system. The rotation is stable and reliable without any vibration.
  • It adopts PLC and human-machine interface automatic control.
  • It is also provided with the infrared safety device.
  • It meets FDA/cGMP requirements.




Technical Parameters

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