Roll Compactor

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The roller compactor adopts continuous feeding and discharging, integrates the functions of extrusion, crushing and granulation, and directly presses the powder material into particles. It is especially suitable for granulation of materials which are wet, hot, and easy to decompose or agglomerate.

It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, particles from the roller compactor can be directly pressed into tablets or filled into capsules.

Working Principle


Dry powdered raw materials are mixed and added to the upper hopper by a special feeder (pneumatic or motorized) and transported to the pressure chamber via a screw conveyor, the materials are pressed into high density chips by two high pressure rollers, then cut into small pieces by crushing system, and granules of a desired size are formed through a granulation system to complete the granulation process.

Salient feature

  • Feed screw diversity, to meet the use of different materials;
  • Pressure roller with a water cooling system to ensure that the pressure wheel and material temperature;
  • Overall modular construction design, improve space utilization;
  • Vertical feeding structure extrusion system exposed installation, easy to clean and maintain;
  • Compress with roll to obtain high density particles;
  • The power area is separated from the work area to prevent cross contamination;
  • Meet GMP requirements.

Process flow


Powder Compaction (roller compactor) → Crushing/Milling → Sifting

Technical Parameters

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