High Shear Mixer

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The High shear mixer is used for making wet granules used in solid dosage production procedure, for example tablet, capsules, granules, etc. This machine is widely used in industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy products, etc.

Working Principle


The materials is fed into the granulating pot through the vacuum feeder or bin lifting feeder and rotated at high speed with the help of the stirrer, the binding agent is sprayed in to the pot with the help of pump & spray gun, and chopper is used to break the lumps. The materials are bonded into hollow granules in the pot and discharged with the help of pneumatic discharge valve to the fluid bed dryer. An optional wet mill is given for sizing the particles discharged in to the FBD bowl.

Salient feature

  • The main machine adopts the most advanced European design with conical pot structure.
  • Material tank and lid is 2 bar explosion-proof design.
  • As the pot diameter is large, the granules formed are more even and material reproducibility is ensured reliably.
  • The gap between the pot and mixing paddle is controlled to be within 1.5mm.
  • There is no residual material at the bottom of the pot.
  • It combines gas seal and mechanical seal.
  • It is also provided with gas seal pressure upper and lower limits inspection.
  • The machine equipped with advanced WIP cleaning system.
  • All product contact parts are SS 316L, non contact parts are of SS 304 and gasket are of food graded material.
  • It meets FDA/cGMP requirements for production.

Technical Parameters

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