Fluid Bed Dryer

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The function of FBD is to dry the wet granules coming from high shear mixer which has several application in Food, Pharma, Chemical, Dairy, etc. industries

Working Principle


The wet granules from high shear mixer is transferred in to bowl of RMG manually or through vacuum transfer closed loop system. In FBD hot purified air is supplied from standalone air handling unit and passed through the product bowl from the bottom of the FBD which absorbs the moistures from the product. Colour solution spraying arrangement is given to coat the granules in desired colour, which is sprayed from the top. Exhaust blower or wet scrubber is given to take out the hot air from the FBD. Filter bag arrangement is given on the top of FBD used to separate the particles from the hot exhaust air, pneumatic bag shaking arrangement is given for cleaning the filter bag and dedusting the residual product.

Salient feature

  • It adopts most advanced European design which improves material flowability and increase drying efficiency.
  • Close loop product transfer can be done with the help of vacuum.
  • Product sampling can be within in closed loop arrangement.
  • The liquid supply spray gun system adopts be atomizing principle for coating the granules
  • Volume of hot air inlet supply can be varied with the help of dampers & variable frequency driven motor
  • IFor heating the air in AHU both option available, electrical heater & steam
  • The machine is equipped with the advanced WIP cleaning system.
  • All product contact parts are SS 316L, non-contact parts are of SS 304 and gasket are of food graded material.
  • The machine meets the FDA/cGMP requirements for production.

Technical Parameters

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