Liquid filling machine

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Automatic Capsule Liquid Filling Machine is designed and manufactured to fill liquid products such as fish oil, honey, liquid solution, suspension or paste, into the hard gelatine capsule. The machine is used as an innovative dosage form and conception filling, which is an ideal equipment for pharmaceutical, food and healthcare industries.

Working Principle:


Empty capsules are loaded into the capsule hopper where they are fed into the magazine. Capsules initially enter the magazine un-oriented, from the magazine capsules enter in to diverter block where they are properly oriented (body end on the bottom). The capsules are then separated by vacuum, after that station NCNF sensor is given for checking capsule presence, segments holes are checked by fibre sensors to know if the capsules are missing in the segments. When the capsules are moved to filling station, ceramic pumps will fill product into capsule body, specify ceramic pump will not work while the segments holes to fill is missing with capsule body. Unseparated capsules will be rejected on next rejecting station to dust collector. Capsule body and cap are then joined together on closing station. The finished capsule is discharged as the final step.

Salient features:


  • Use high precision indexer for turret rotation offers stable working performance, low noise and vibration.
  • Fully closed turret, inside use Japanese linear bearing for long service life of the machine.
  • Vacuum capsule positioning system. Capsule positioning rate over 99%.
  • Germany original liquid ceramic pump, Yaskawa servo dosing system ensures dosing precision within ±1.5%.
  • Use Japan Keyence fiber detection system. Qualification rate reaches 99.9%.
  • Machine system detects capsule cap and body separation, detection and rejection, finished capsule ejection etc.
  • The liquid feeding hopper is jacketed design, with function to keep product temperature around 80 ℃

Technical Parameters

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