Capsule Filling Machine

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Capsule filling machine is used to fill the powder into hard gelatine capsule by tamping principle, the machine is widely used in Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industries.

Working Principle:


Powder of desired bulk & tap density filled inside the dosing disc with the help of powder auger, the free flowing powder in then compressed in to cavity of dosing disc with help of series of tamping piston. The machine adopts tamping principle where 6 sets of tamping block given, 5 tamping blocks compresses the powder to form hard slug and sixth tamping block delivers the powder in to capsule. Based on amount of powder fill weight & bulk density thickness of dosing disc adjusted.

Salient Features:


  • All the product contact parts are made up of SS 316L & non-contact parts are of SS 304.
  • Pellet, tablet, Softgel, micro tablets, etc. can be filled in capsule
  • Indexer for turret & tamping station are imported
  • All the moving shaft connected with the housing by wiper seal avoid powder intrusion
  • Filling accuracy within ±3.5%
  • Automatic lubrication pump unit given for drive section
  • All the doors & drive covered with interlock sensor

Technical Parameters

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