Band sealing machine

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CBM series capsule banding sealing machine is used to seal capsules with a band of gelatine after filling. Banding capsules is to prevent liquid leakage and longer shelf life

Working Principle:


Capsules are oriented and imported to the band sealing machine. There is fiber sensor detects capsule storage plate level to synchronise both the machines working speed. Servo motor controlsthe band sealing system lifting and closed gelatine storage tank effectively prevent liquid evaporation.

There is temperature control and temperature adjustment function given which ensuresthe set gelatine liquid consistency all the time. It uses two track band sealing technology, which greatly improves the sealing result.

After capsule band sealing, the capsules aretransferred into the capsule carrier link of drying chamber where the capsule is dried with the help of hot air, temperature and RH of the chamber has been monitored and controlled with the help of PID controller.

In the drying chamber, series of carrier link mounted on the chain travels up to down and gradually transverse forward, helps capsule to travel throughout the chamber to achieve desired drying. The design is much simpler fordismantling and changing the mould.

Near exit chute each drying mould rotates through 360 degrees to drop the capsules in the bin, there are 6 air jet tubes are given which prevent capsules sticking in the mould.

Salient features:


  • Capsule orientation and placing system
  • Double wheel gelatine sealing structure
  • Movable gelatine bath tub for easy cleaning
  • Independent gelatine storage tank with heating provision
  • Automatic capsule transferring system from capsule filling machine
  • Vertical drying system for long time drying

Technical Parameters

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