Rotary filling & capping machine

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This is mono block type rotary machine used for filling & capping of Plastic/Glass bottles & screw/ROPP capping respectively. The machine is widely used in Pharmaceutical industry for liquid syrup filling application.



  • Fully automatic machine with PLC & HMI control operation.
  • Machine drive is variable frequency controlled to match the speed of upstream & downstream machines.
  • The dosing capacity of each pump can be set individually as well as in a group.
  • Machine will stop automatically when upstream machine will not supply the empty bottles.
  • No bottle no filling, on the absence of bottle that particular location will be sensed & corresponding pump will be off.
  • No filling no capping.
  • Torque adjustable capping head, when the cap is tightened to a certain torque, the automatic slip device ensures the same tightness.
  • Foraluminium ROPP caps it uses ROPP capping mechanism, totally four knives, two for sealing and two for making threads.
  • During filling operation, feeling needle deep inside the bottle and gradually moved up to avoid forming.
  • Different height of the bottles can filled without incorporating size change over.
  • Machine equipped clamping device for the irregular bottles, and controlled by the cylinder
  • The bottom of the filling head is provided with a drip tank to prevent contamination of the drip of the filling head, which is controlled by the cylinder.
  • It is equipped with one liquid buffertank with ball float valvecontrol the level of liquid in the tank.
  • Interlock sensor given to integrate the operation with upstream & downstream machine
  • Protective doors with the limit switch are given, while opening the door during the operation machine will be stopped immediately

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