Air jet cleaning machine

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This machine is mainly used to air wash the round plastic bottles of various materials. Bottles are transferred to the washing station where it is cleaned with the help of compressed air jet and vacuum.



  • Fully automatic machine controlled with the PLC & HMI
  • Conveying belt is variable frequency driven
  • Use suction type air jet needle to sneak into the bottle for cleaning
  • The bottle counter is given at the Outfeed conveyer to count the bottles cleaned
  • All the size of bottle can be cleaned without size change over
  • Machine equipped with the clamping device for holding irregular bottles which is controlled by the cylinder
  • Protective door is given in SS frame with Polycarbonate door, limit switch is given at the closing position, on the opening of the door during the operation machine will be stopped.
  • It has been designed to integrate with complete filling line with the help of interlock sensors given.




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