Tube Filling Machine

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This machine is mainly used to fill gel, semi-solid, cream, paste, etc. in to metal, plastic or laminate tubes which is widely used in Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, paint and chemical industries.

Sequence of operation:


It is fully automatic machine which adopt following features,

  • Tube loading
  • Bar code reading
  • Inner surface washing and filling
  • Inner wall heating (Optional for Plastic or Laminate tubes)
  • Sealing & Embossing
  • Edge cooling
  • Positioning & guiding movable bar
  • Cutting access tail
  • Tube ejection



  • Simple and user-friendly operation. Controlled with PLC & operated with HMI. Comprehensive working with the step less speed regulation.Parameters, output counting, pressure indication, fault counting and other operating conditions displayed on HMI screen.
  • Fully automatic operation from tube loading to filled tube ejection such as tube feeding, optical sensor for positioning,inert gases purging (optional), product filling, sealing,batch number printing,finished product ejecting.
  • High precision positioning system by usingaoptical sensor, reducing colour difference between the tube and colour patc.
  • No tube no filling feature; Filling accuracy: ±1 %
  • Speed: 30-60 Tubes/minute



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