Vial filling machine

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Balcony type filling and stoppering machine adopts integral through-wall structure, separating operation and maintenance area, effectively reducing laminar coverage area of Grade A area, and compliance the requirements of cGMP regulations.

Key Features:


  • Vial Range: 2-100ml
  • Servo technology, filling accuracy ± 0.5% (based on filling 2ml liquid like water)
  • separating operation and maintenance area
  • Quick changeover without tools
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces in processing areas
  • Meet the requirements 21CFR part 11 and GAMP 5
  • Flushing with an inert gas before, during and after filling(Option)
  • On-line CIP/SIP of filling system (Option)
  • Buffer tank with cooling jacket and solution circulation (Option)
  • Bowl of stoppers automatically locked(Option)

 Technical Data:

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