Blow fill seal machine

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Blow Fill Seal:

Blow Fill Seal Aseptic Filling System is adopted one special aseptic package technology which blows/extrudes pharmaceutical grade PP/PE plastic into container, fill and seal automatically. It operates at high speed. It combines many process into one machine, such as extrusion, forming, filling and sealing functions in one machine.

It ensures product safety and integrity. The machine has the advantages of good aseptic design, high machine quality and low cross contamination rate with low production cost and management cost.

It could be widely used in plastic packing production area of final sterilization products and aseptic products such as eye drops, aerosol, inhalant, disinfectant solution, small volume injection and LW Infusion.

Salient Features:

Ø  Multi-cavity moulds adopt special alloys with advanced cooling and vacuum circuits machined within the mould, enable the production of uniform containers.

Ø  Class A air flushing device which belongs to the machine is used to avoid the contamination of outer air pollution in filling and sealing parts.

Ø  The machine carries CIP/SIP for filling system and aseptic air system, also can execute filter integrity test in place.

Ø  It adopts new design method of standard modularization and general machine. One machine could produce products of different specification with only changing mould and parts of components.

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