Ampoule filling line

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The filling and sealing machine is suitable to fill liquids into ampoules and seal ampoule under RABS, pre-gassing, filling liquids into ampoules, post-gassing, pre-heating, sealing and discharge of ampoules done with automatic intermittent motion.

Class A is assured in all process areas above the openings of the ampoules. Filling parameters can be managed as recipe. Flame intensity is adjustable by flow meter. Real time monitoring and auditing are available during filling and sealing process, so that reliable repeatability of good filling &sealing is guaranteed.

Salient Features:

  • Our unique arc auger design to reduce broken ampoule rate for infeed and Outfeed processing
  • Filling needles run with optimal curve driven by servo motor so as to avoid liquid splashing
  • Filling pumps driven by servo motor to get high accuracy dosing
  • Frames of needles and clips can be located up in case of emergency
  • Independent adjustable rotation construction is available
  • Servo controlled operation with high precision and stability
  • Remote diagnosis available
  • Automatic ignition function (optional)
  • Automatic sampling function (optional)

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