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  • Injection molding machine for Pre forms & Hanger
  • Preform cooling conveying system
  • Linear stretch blow molding machine
  • Air blowing, filling, and cap welding machine



This machine is designed especially for the production of hanger and pre-forms, obtained by injecting the polypropylene material through a nozzle into a mold with cavities in which the piece takes shape.The mold is not part of the press, and usually the same press is able to work with various molds

Injection Stretch Blow Molding Cycle description


  • The PP material, which is in the form of granules, is fed into the hopper which leads to a heated barrel, mixed, and forced by the screw into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration given by the mold cavities to form the hangers/preforms. The finished hangers/preforms are removed and then transferred to the SBM by the operator. An automatic transfer and loading system for the preforms is available as option.
  • When the preforms exit the IM machine, the temp is around 60-80°C; before entering the SBM machine, they need to be cooled to reach room temperature both outside and inside.
  • They can either be held in a storage area or can be placed on a cooling conveyor to speed-up the process as an option for fully automatic production.
  • Format change time is less than 2h (including approx. 1h change mold + 30min pre-heating + 30min process adjusting)
  • This machine is able to produce hangers/preforms to cover the same productivity of the rest of the filling line. This machine should work with suitable material for pharmaceutical use such as with medical grade Polypropylene.

Preform Cooling Conveying System


Preform cooling conveying system: Preform is conveyed by preform cooling system to blow machine, which can improve production line efficiency, reduce repeated pollution and insure preform in a good condition in conveying process. According to your workshop layout, we can provide you a rational and efficient cooling conveying system solution to meet your production needs.

Linear stretch blow molding machine


The proposed machine is able to produce pharmaceutical polypropylene bottles/bags starting from the pre-form made in the Injection molding machine.

The linear Stretch Blow Machine is completed with preform loading, preform transfer, hanger applicator, preform heating, stretch blowing, and bottles/bags discharge











Air blowing, Filling, and Cap welding monoblock model


The proposed machine is a rotary monoblock with very compact dimensions which has been designed for easy access and maintenance.

The main components of the machine are:

  • Air blowing carrousel (option);
  • Turnover star wheel;
  • Filling carrousel;
  • Screw capping carrousel (option);
  • Cap welding carrousel

The machine is “neck-handling” type; it means that the containers are taken by the neck on the star-wheels and transfer always by the neck from one section to the other sections. This reduce the change parts for different sizes of containers and it is not necessary to adjust the height of the machine when change the height of the container.





  • The machine has a design construction compliant to cGMP norms. Compact footprint.
  • Tight separation between process area (“white area”) and mechanical area (“grey area”).
  • Easy access to the “grey area” of the machine for maintenance intervention.
  • All surfaces inside the white area are easily cleanable and the structure of the machine allows any liquid to drain easily. No dead zones and corners are part of the design.
  • Continuous rotary motion machine.
  • Materials:
  • All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Machine structure and all parts of the white area are made of AISI 304L stainless steel.

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